Monday, November 4, 2013

2014 Welcoming Wealth Ritual

According to Zodiac compatibility, those who are born under the Zodiac Goat, Zodiac Dog and Zodiac Tiger this year of the wood Horse 2014 will be in a good year.  

The GOD OF FORTUNE or GOD OF WEALTH (CAI SHEN) has went to the heaven to report about how the family was doing before the New Year's eve, and on the 5th day of the new year  based on Chinese Lunar Calendar, he returns to the family to keep bringing more fortune into the family.  This festive day start day one (1) - the new year day one (1) or (January 31, 2014 - friday) up to day five (5) or (February 4, 2014 - tuesday); a total of FIVE DAYS CELEBRATION. The fifth day is popularly known by the Chinese believers as PO WOO,  it is a day to welcome the God of Wealth. To the practicing buddhist and Feng Shui, it  is the birthday of the God of Wealth and an auspicious day to welcome him. It is is believed by doing this ritual, God of Wealth will bring big fortune to you. A big part of " Po Wu" is getting up early to clean houses to welcome an auspicious guest - Cai Shen to ensure prosperity. 

From January 31, 2014 (friday) up to February 4, 2014 - (tuesday), incenses are burned and sacrifices are offered. The image of the God of Wealth (Cai Shen) is put up in the households, hoping to have a better future and a better income in the new year.

NOTE: In case you have not done this ritual at the start of the year, please ask Feng Shui practitioner for alternative auspicious day to do this very important ritual for your fortune luck.


Infront of a Cai Shen statue, do this ritual: 
  1. On the back of the wishing papers (set of 3 pieces), write all your wishes and your name on each papers;
  2. Offers 8 kinds of offertory foods (such as rounded sweet fruits, cakes or pastries, dishes or candies);
  3. Offer 9 wishes incenses sticks (different colored incenses) and your wishing paper on the altar.  In case of no altar, a makeshift altar facing the west;
  4. Kneel down before the altar and kotow (bow 3 times) while holding the lit incenses;
  5. Seriously beg for: blessings upon the family so there ill be wealth, success, health, harmony and good health;
  6. Burn the 5 Directional Wealth Gods Kim (offertory paper) in a metal container;
  7. Paste/post the 5 Directional Wealth Gods Talisman  at your doorstep (be it in the main door or your bedroom believe and active door) 
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  1. I go to my father house every chinese new year, so I will pray and invite the god of wealth to my father house every year. How can I later invite the god of wealth to go to my house when I return to my own house. My house is very far from my father house.

    Your advice is much appreciated

  2. how 5directional wealth gods kim and 5 directional wealth gods talisman looks like?

  3. A big part of " Po Wu" is getting up early to clean houses to welcome an auspicious guest - Cai Shen to ensure prosperity. fengshui

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